Taiwan version
BBMan v3.0.1 --- Cross-platform & OpenSource
SSH / SFTP / Telnet / BBS GUI Client

designed by Xie, Chun-Da (jakky1), Taiwan.

Multi-connections, security-concerns, with GUI
support Windows / Linux / FreeBSD platforms, i18n
Support Double-byte character, and XIM (X Input Method) under Linux / FreeBSD

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Who need BBMan ?


Thanks to

http://0xbadc0de.be/?part=libssh The SSH library that BBMan use. You should visit this site if you want to develop a SSH / sftp client.
http://www.foood.net/ They provide free and pretty cute icons. BBMan use their icons as default icon set.
http://www.wxwidgets.org/ cross-platform GUI toolkit that BBMan develop on.


Known bugs


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From v3.0.1, BBMan has two version : "full" and "nossh".

The "full" version has all the functionality for SSH / SFTP / Telnet / BBS.
It needs "libeay32.dll" for Windows, and "openssl" "openssl-devel" packages in Linux / FreeBSD.

The "nossh" version has only "BBS / Telnet" function. It is designed for Asian who only use BBMan to connect BBS server.



Source Download (instructions)

Note: You need to download libeay32.dll to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ or where BBMan are reside in, to enable SSH.

Linux Download Linux Executable (static-link) (need openssl package)

Download FreeBSD Executable (static-link) (need openssl package)

Compile and Install via ports :
# cd /usr/port/chinese/BBMan
# make install clean

MacOS X Because I don't have MacOS, so if anyone know how to build software on MacOSX with wxWidgets that BBMan use, Please help me :)