Develop BBMan

features file description
terminal protocol handling scd_terminal.cpp SCD_Terminal::parse()
terminal display scd_terminal.cpp SCD_Terminal::repaintChar(), repaintLine(), repaint()
terminal char property scd_terminal.cpp record the property (color,underline,highlight,etc...) of a character
SSH / Telnet scd_telnet.cpp add ssh/telnet ability to terminal
SSH API scd_wxssh/scd_wxssh.cpp interface of src/libssh
SFTP API scd_wxssh/scd_wxsftp.cpp interface of src/libssh
SFTP gui frm_sftp.cpp just like most ftp client does
libssh API libssh/*.* Please refer to src/libssh/API.txt
or visit for newer version
main connection frame frm_telnet.cpp  
connection tab scd_tabctrl.cpp  
bookmark ( favorite ) bookmark.cpp organize / add favorites
login to BBMan login.cpp handling log in BBMan authentication, and customized settings
common used functions common.cpp handling sound, i18n, string conversion, environment initialization, etc...
program entry point main.cpp  
BBS ANSI editor scd_editterm.cpp
this is useful only if you want to connect BBS